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Leading and Learning:

Patience is a virtue. And, honestly, one that I do not always possess. Impatience has its roots in frustration. It is a feeling of rising stress that starts when I feel I am not reaching a goal as quickly as I want or when I think people ignore my needs and wishes. Impatience is ultimately rooted in ego.

I can get frustrated as I am not getting the change I want or a process in place as quickly as expected. I have a vision for what I want, but many times want to get there quicker than is possible. Success in education is more like the adage, “slow and steady wins the race.” Impatience ultimately leads to more mistakes and can compromise the integrity of my work. When I get impatient, I can jump into a new process too quickly or have unrealistic expectations for people.

I must remember that I have a choice about how I react to certain situations. I can choose to be patient, or not: it’s up to me.

Be a Cardinal; Change Lives; Put a Mission into Motion

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Cardinal Recognitions:

Thank you to:

  • Stacey Matlock, Sam Hanley, and the Booster Club for organizing Tuesday's pep session.
  • our Alumni Association for their time at school this week informing our scholarship winners.
  • Vivian Leach for organizing our STARS program and creating the STARS poster to recognize our top students.

Congratulations to Jessi Walpole and the Dance Team who competed at a National Competition this past weekend. As always, they represented SHS extremely well!

  • Jazz - 9th place
  • Open - 4th place
  • Hip Hop - 5th place
  • Molly Maynard and La'Quera Williams won 1st place in the duet category

Grateful Friday Challenge

Week 31: Grateful Friday Challenge

Well hhhhheeeellllllllooooo Friday! How did you get here so fast? What’s that you say... something about being so busy that time is just flying by as our heads spin? Well, welcome anyway. Glad you are here!

Today let’s celebrate making it to Friday! We have had four great days so far this week as we have been getting back into the groove of the school week! To keep the fun rolling for one more day- your #SHSGFC is to write 5 positive post-its to 5 different people. Stick a note on a classroom door during passing period, place one on a student’s desk, or pat one onto your colleague's shoulder as they pass you in the hallway -- place these wherever you would like to spread a little positivity.

Keep that Cardinal spirit up!

With banners flying as we go! #FlyAsONE

180 Days of Learning -- #CardsLearn

Hope you enjoy this weeks 180 Days of Learning Posts

Ashley Quinlin

Mrs. Quinlin's Preparing for College and Career students had a guest speaker this week. The owner of Stillwater Contracting came and spoke to the class about the joys and challenges of owning your own business. The students in the class were able to ask questions about budgeting, scheduling workers, and what a typical day looks like for a personal business owner.

Pep Session

It is great to be back to whole school pep sessions! Thank you to our booster club, the drumline, the dance team, and those who participated in musical chairs.

Jacki Richardson

Mrs. Richardson's Advanced Girls Show Choir is preparing for their final concerts of the year. Students worked through measures of Its Raining Men as a group. Then individual students had to audition these same measures for the class. Students worked through one by one sharing their individual talents with the class.

Alumni Association

The Southport High School Alumni Association Scholarship Committee was at school this week to inform students that they will receive a scholarship this year and to invite them to the scholarship banquet on May 23. Almost 80 SHS students are receiving a scholarship from our amazing Alumni Association this school year.

Kevin Sanders

Mr. Sanders Topics in History class reviews historical perspectives through movies. Students compare movies about historical topics and actual events that happened in history. Today, students are watching and discussing the movie Revenant. Students watched portions of the film and then made predictions about what would happen next based on the history of events and how they would portray those as a director. Students then continued to watch to see if their predictions were accurate.

Educational Humor

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