The Space Race

How does it mirror the Cold War?

The Space Race's course of events paralleled those of the Cold War in many ways. As the US competed with the Soviet Union to produce a greater amount of Nuclear weapons, they also competed to reach checkpoints set by the others in the advances in space exploration. This expanding off of the earth also parallels the battle between the two powers to expand the influence of their beliefs.

Space Race vs Arms Race

These 2 competitions against the Soviet Union both contained checkpoints that both countries would have to master and complete using only their knowledge. In the arms race, both countries would battle for the first nuclear weapon, and then, the first hydrogen bomb. Meanwhile, in the space race, The 2 global powers would compete to launch the first satellite, send a man into space, and eventually, send a man to the moon.

Expansion Similarities

As said in the first passage, both the US and the Soviet Union were trying to expand their different beliefs to as many countries as they could during the Cold War. Although these countries could not expand their influences into space, this expansion off of the earth substantially represents the expansion around the earth.