SAISD 504/Dyslexia Newsletter

September 2020

Welcome to the 2020 - 2021 school year!!

The SAISD 504/Dyslexia Department would like to welcome you to a new academic year. Even though we are beginning in a very different manner than ever before, we are committed to working with parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure all students have the support they need for success. Please look below for resources specifically chosen to make virtual and in person learning effective for all.

Snap & Read

Snap & Read is the Next-Generation reading tool that can aid diverse reading needs. It will read aloud anything on the screen to increase understanding for all readers.

Special Features include:

Read Aloud - Listen to text as it's read aloud across websites, PDFs, and Google Drive. It also reads in other languages.

Dynamic Text Leveling - Adjust the readability of text to make it easier to read without changing the meaning.

Translation - Translate text into 100+ languages on any webpage.

Study Tools - Pull text into an outline, then organize it and add notes to help comprehension.

The three short videos below will explain the benefits of using Snap & Read, how to add the extension to student devices, and how students can use the features to help them read.
Snap&Read Universal Quick Overview
How to Add Snap&Read App to Chrome - Snap and Read
Snap&Read - Getting Started Tutorial for Snap and Read

Useful Resources For Teachers and Students

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