Memory Improvement!!!

By: Lauren Parker

Ways to Improve Your Memory

Paying Attention

It is important that what we are studying gets our full attention! If we don't pay attention to what it is we are trying to remember it won't be able to move from short-term to long-term memory. Studying in a quiet place with no distractions will be helpful when it comes to this. Studying somewhere peaceful also helps us think better.
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Practice, Practice, Practice!

They have always told us that practice makes perfect, which can be true. The more we practice and repeat actions the more we will be able to remember them. Over time we become better and better because we have repeated the same actions over and over until they are ingrained in our minds.
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Mnemonic Devices

You associate new information with old information so its easier to retrieve. This is commonly used in classes such as band: Grizzly Bears Don't Fly Airplanes. This was used to help the low brass students remember the names of the notes on the lines. It's called the Peg word system, and it helps quite a bit when it comes to remembering things that are tricky.
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Stop Cramming!!!

Cramming never helped anyone, it actually hurts you. Cramming doesn't allow you to commit something to memory. Basically it works like your stomach, when you cram too much food into your stomach you end up regurgitating it out, while if you take your time and eat slowly your body gets the nutrients it needs. Same thing with our memory, if we have regular study times and we don't cram then we will be better able to remember things.
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Visualizing Concepts

Many people are visual learners, if they can see what is going on then they can better understand it. Pay attention to the pictures, charts and graphs, they could help you out. If there aren't any, then create some. Draw pictures to help you in your notes.
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Organization is Key!

It has been proven in research that if information is organized that we are more likely to remember it. If we group similar concepts together, or outline our notes we can remember them easier. This way our mind is taking these similar concepts in, and it's not as difficult as it would be if we tried to study everything randomly, or sporadically.
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Get some sleep!

Sleep is important for both memory and learning. We are better able to learn and remember things if we are well rested and our mind is active and ready to work. If we're tired then we're sluggish and are less likely to be able to remember things.
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