Basket and Care Bears Group Meeting

Come for training, working and planning for this year.

What will we do?

We will plan in-reach & out-reach activities. It is the coordinators belief, that in order to keep the work of our group going, we will expand the type of projects that we work on. Three examples of outreach activities we are thinking about are (1) setting up a table of fruit at the October’s Julie Proctor ‘s Breast Cancer Walk; and (2) making small gifts and working with the children, youth & visitation group to go caroling and pass out the gifts; and (3) making bears for the fire stations and Garth House (for abused children). Examples of in-reach activities we will continue to do are: (1) baskets for the ICU rooms, (2) packages to shut-ins, (3) packages to members in the hospitals, etc. and (4) hosting an annual Spring picnic working with the “Men’s Playing Ministry”

When and Where

Sunday, Oct 21st, 4:30pm

Westgate Church of Christ, Beaumont, TX

Beaumont, TX

In the Fellowship Hall.

In Addition

Also once when we expand our activities, we might have to change the name of our group. So bring your ideas and let’s get started….