Southern Cross December 2012

End of the Year Staff Meeting

"Nuts & Bolts" to bring up at our meeting on Tuesday 18th. at 3p.m. Florcita's class.

*Go through past year plan to check content done to avoid repeated activ. & photoc.
*Mix groups consistently. Drama classes as well.
*Level groups-1st.-4th./ 5th. & 6th.
*Work on Self-evaluation throughout the year+Study Skills. Portfolios. Rubrics.
*P.S.E+Convivencias in Plan.
*Alphabet on 1st.grade tables
*KWL chart ( focus on Learn )
*Unit/Term tests- Keep marks chart updated. Send by mail.
*Oral Presentations. Group Work.
*Spelling: teach Long/ Short sounds sistematically in 1st., 2nd. & 3rd.
*Sp and Verb tests thought of as Mini tests.
*Library: work on reading skills+division of groups by levels. Plan!
*Computer activities in Plan.
*Play: help out with pronunciation+script.
*kids absent
*Auxiliary T. timetable-substitutions
*Open Classes
*Use of Diary+calendar
*Report Cards: design, attendance missing, B- is a passing mark, comments ( style+sent to me), kids' self-eval., official, communication with spanish T.
*Duty descriptions+ Punctuality
*Respect Deadlines

Only SOME examples of great work done at school!