Primary Team PLC Agenda

February 10/17, 2016

This Week's Topic

Close Reading


We saw huge growth in our kiddos on the 2nd round of NWEA! The following are each grade level's percentage of students who met their MOY growth projection:


K: 68%

1: 58%

2: 62%

3: 42%


K: 47%

1: 55%

2: 48%

3: 46%

This Week's Objective

I can articulate the role of the close reader and begin to implement close reading strategies into my reading instruction.

Instructional Strategy or Plan

  1. Homework Share-Out
  2. Close Reading Book Study
  • What is close reading?
  • What is the purpose of close reading? (A-B Each Teach)

  • How often should students engage in close reading?
  • At what grade level should students be introduced to close reading?
  • What is the role of the reader in the close reading process?
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Next Steps...

February 17: Continue Close Reading Book Study (same PLC agenda next week)


Send NWEA growth and reward data to Sweeney and me by the end of the day. Peruse the Guided Reading books and take some!!