Nik Henry and Graham Dick

Colombia and The Flag

The capital of Colombia is Bogotá. The significance of the Colombian flag.

Yellow stands for the gold that Colombia has. The blue is for seas on Colombia's shores.

The red stands for the blood spilled for Colombia's independence.

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Colombia's People and Government

Columbia has a population of 48.73 million. They have a presidential style of government, and the current president is Juan Manuel Santos. For fun Columbians ride bikes and go horseback riding. They also do bullfighting and they dance alot.

The Columbian Exchange Rate, Food, and Tourist Attractions

in Columbia one US dollar is worth 2569.24 Columbian Pesos. In Columbia they eat a variety of delicious foods such as a Flan. A Flan is a sponge cake containing a sweet filling, also its round with a short crust pastry. Another food that they eat there is a borrajoda. They are seep fried plantains stuffed with cheese. There are also many fun things to do in Columbia such as going on a tour of Bogota on a bike, hiking, and walking old Cartagena.