redrover dodge ball

Low organizational game for grades 6-8


Dodge balls and mats (if you want) are all you need for this game so it makes for a easy game to set up.

Set up

Have the teacher pick two even teams.Then give each kid one dodge ball and line up each team on each side of the gym(like red rover).

remember that each kid has one (or two) dodge balls and that it is set up like red rover

1.First have one team call one to three people over.

2.Then the people called try run a cross the gym ,the other team tries to hit them with dodge balls but can't move.

3.Next,if the "runners" get hit they join the team throwing the balls but the "runners" can block a ball with their hand.

4.After,If the "runners" get a cross, the two people they touch on the other team joins the "runners team".

5.Finally,That is one round.At the end one team will have everybody and the other nobody.

Alternate ways to play

Alternate ways to play:

some other ways to play are to set up mats between the teams for cover.

Another rule you can use in that is each person get two dodge balls and when the "runner" gets across they bring back 4 people instead of two.

You can also have it so hands count as hits.


Remember a dodge ball can hurt at such a close range, so try not to hit people in the face.

We hope you have fun ,and stay safe

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