Elm Class Update

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This week in the Elm class (as told by Elm students)

Tomorrow we are going to the Oak class carnival.
We learned a new song called waving flag.

We read the BEST story... Stone Soup.

We have new games and puzzles

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Oak Class Carnival Fun!


As readers, we are also bringing stories alive with our own acting!

Book clubs have chosen folktales to act out together. Everyone has a role and has practiced using expressive voices in their reading. Each club also began planning for possible props and costumes. We will continue preparing and rehearsing these plays this week. We will also look closely at recurring characters such as heroes, villains and tricksters in the folktales we are reading.


What awesome stories the Elm class is planning!

We have used webs to brainstorm ideas for characters and settings.

We also thought about possible solutions for our characters to encounter in these stories.

This coming week, we will plan solutions and begin to make the illustrations for our stories. Focusing on details in our settings and characters will help support adding these details into our writing. We may even use some of our printmaking skills to recreate our settings and characters to use across several pages.


We continued working with tens and ones this week. Students recorded their work while playing "Collect 50" on an open number line or as number sentences. We also used tens and ones to represent numbers and solved story problems using this tool.

Next week we will continue to solve story problems with two digit numbers and share strategies that help us solve accurately and efficiently.

Next week we will continue to work with place value when solving story problems. Students will examine how place value can

Make Art

This week we learned a new form of print making, collographs. This process begins by making a textured collage, then inking and making a print from the collage. Each student began their collage plate this week. We will add to the plate and print again in next few weeks.

Project Time

This week in project time, we compared the way we live in Brooklyn today and how the Lenape lived here hundreds of years ago. We noticed that we get the things we need in different ways, such as heat from a fire and heat from a heating vent, but we use the same natural resources, such as the sun.

We also talked about how everything we need to survive comes from natural resources. People process these resources to make the products we use today.

In the coming weeks we will look closely at maps of New York State and examine its geography. We will also look at maps of the United States and talk about where our state is in relation to the rest of the country.

Trip to Snow Hill Farm

Friday, April 22nd, 9am-3:30pm

91 Keeler Lane

North Salem, NY

Our project time study of New York State we will visit a farm in North Salem. We will take a bus to Snow Hill Farm for the day and experience.

We would love to bring along additional chaperones on this trip. Please let us know if you are interested.

April Shares

We have a few shares on the calendar in the next two weeks. We will fill in more days soon and share the calendar with you all.
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