Ocean Week Room 3

Week of May 20-24, 2013

What we will be learning:

This week it is all about the Rocky Seashore and the animals that live there- barnacles, mussels, sea stars, sea anenomies, chitons and many more! It is a fun week filled with labs and animal studies. On Monday, I will teach a lab on building a habitat for a crayfish. (Although a crayfish does not live at the rocky seashore he is closely related to the lobster and much easier to study.) The children will learn how to pick one up also! Mid morning I will teach the same lab to Mrs. Campbell's class and she will teach a lab on sea weed to my class. We will have the four children from Mrs. Gusman's class for the weeks so that they can particpate in the first grade activities. We are building a rocky seashore in our class and you will get to see all the exciting things we are doing when you visit at Open House.

I will put Language Arts on hold for the week as well as the boys speeches.

Upcoming events:

Open House: May 22 5:30 (It is a very busy night.) There is an Art Show in the FAB where every child will have two art pieces displayed. On the playground there will be two food trucks, snow cones and lots of friends. Please be sure to stop by the classroom and Art Show first.

May 24 Closing Ceremony on the blacktop at 8:30 am. Your child may bring a pillow and blanket for a special movie as a culmination of Ocean Week.

May 28 Field Trip to Birch Aquarium

May 30 Gold Medal Ceremony at 9:45

Volunteers Needed:

If you are able to join me on Monday from 8:30-9:45 for the crayfish lab, that would be great.

I also need volunteers for a lab on Thursday at 8:40 in the science lab.

Our field trip to Birch Aquarium is May 28 and I need chaperones. The children will ride a school bus, but the adults meet us there in cars. They usually carpool. I would like to have at least 5 adults.

So please email me if you are able to volunteer for any of these events.