No Dress Code; Happy Life

By Anika Murthy

Go Free And Let It Be!

Everyone should be able to wear a tank top or short shorts in the hot sun! Or boys, y'all should be able to have long hair and not have to care just like David Beckham! Even if everyone is running naked in the hallways who cares! Express yourself and if you wanna go naked so be it! No schools should ever have a dress code or no one will get to express them selfs am I right?

Express Yourself!

A Book Tattoo!

Interview A Student

Taylor Childs- She said she doesn't want our dress code but she wants to make sure people are wearing cloths "don't be so be it but be maybe so be it."

Riley Francis- She says that because we have such a strict dress code "if your arms are longer than your shorts then it's against dress code! That's bad because what if someone is tall short or has long arms!"

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