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CKH Connection - Affirmations

Affirmations are statements that can serve as inspirations as well as simple reminders. It may seem like an easy thing to do as it is something that we desire to share with others but for many it is awkward, they don't know what to say or just forget to share. Who doesn't feel touched when someone shows their appreciation or recognizes you!

Give affirmations a try with your friends, family, or colleagues. Here are a few ways to get you started!

1. You've made me a better person. (Who has helped you on your personal journey?)

2. I've looked up to you. (Who is someone you admire?)

3. Thanks for being there for me. (Who is there for you no matter what?)

4. I'm so proud of you. (Who have you seen overcome a difficult situation?)

5. I love spending time with you. (Who do you have the most fun with?)

6. You're so good at that. (Everyone is good at something.)

7. That's my favorite thing about you.(Someone who add value to you or the people around them.)

8. You amaze me. (There is nothing more honoring and humbling to amaze a fellow friend.)

9. You're the only person I can talk to. (Who is your special person? Let them know how meaningful your friendship is.)

10. I love you. (Don't let someone you love go without knowing it.)

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Is Social Media and Cell Phone Use with Your Student Raising Concern?

You reached out and we are listening! Social media and cell phone use is a concern from many of our parents and we want to partner up to help! Our next Smithonian University will cover topics regarding social media, cell phone use, and how to monitor what is really going on.

While we work to gather experts and beneficial information, check out the links below of some of the top monitoring apps (some free, some with subscriptions) for Android and iOS. You can never be too safe these days and we want everyone to have the information to help keep our students safe!

Speaking of Cell Phones...SMS Families we could use some help!

The cell phone policy at SMS is that cell phones are permitted before/after school, during passing periods and during lunch. Cell phones are not permitted during instructional time unless special permission is given by the teacher. With students issued a Chromebook, they have what they need for class. Cell phone use during instructional time results in the phone being taken up by the teacher and turned into the front office.

So where could we use the help? Support us by reminding students of the policy and that instructional time is a time to focus on learning. We appreciate your support and hope that by working together we can continue to have the privilege of using cell phones at school.

AVID Application Deadline Extended to Febraury 14th

It's not too late to get your AVID applications in! If you have any questions, see an SMS Counselor or Mrs. MacArthur. Applications can be turned in to Mrs. Lira in the front office.
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STiNG Week is Coming Soon!

STiNG Week is right around the corner and we can't wait to give back to those in need! STiNG Week t-shirts are on sale now. Forms can be downloaded/printed here or picked up in the SMS library. All order forms are due to the front office by February 14th.

Speaking of STiNG Week, who loves to dress up? Grab your favorite gear for the themes listed below as we join together with CISD campuses for this great cause. The SMS goal is to raise $2500!

Friday, March 1st- Nickelodeon

“Dress up as your favorite Nick character”

Monday, March 4th- iCarly

“Wear bright / neon colors”

Tuesday, March 5th- SpongeBob

“SpongeBob character / beach day”

Wednesday, March 6th- Big Time Rush

“Wear your favorite band shirt”

Thursday, March 7th- Dora & Diego

“Jungle day/Safari”

Friday, March 8th- STinGelodeon

“STinG Week shirt”

Collaborative Learning at it's Best!

Valentine's Day Exchanges - Please make arrangements

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching so as you make preparations please keep in mind that exchanges of gifts, flowers, candy, stuffed animals, etc. are not permitted at school. Please make arrangements outside of the school day for exchanges. Thank you in advance for partnering with us in keeping the focus on learning!

Cheerleading Tryouts Coming Soon for Incoming 7th, 8th, and 9th graders

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February Counselor News

Teen Dating Violence, Heatlhy Relationships

Book Fair

Friday, Feb. 8th, 8am-4pm

1710 Country Club Road

Cleburne, TX

STAAR Writing Pilot - 7th Grade Only

Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 8am

1710 Country Club Road

Cleburne, TX

Band Mid Winter Concert

Tuesday, Feb. 12th, 6:30pm

Smith Middle School


AVID Applications Due

Thursday, Feb. 14th, 4pm

1710 Country Club Road

Cleburne, TX

Applications may be turned in to Mrs. Lira in the front office.

End of 4th Six Weeks

Friday, Feb. 15th, 4pm

1710 Country Club Road

Cleburne, TX

Spring Break

Monday, March 11th, 8am to Friday, March 15th, 4pm

1710 Country Club Road

Cleburne, TX

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