Come to our Yard Sale!

(More information down below!)

All items UNDER $50

Our yard sale is guarenteed to save you money! We will bargain to your gain as we are moving out of the country and must get rid of EVERYTHING!

Make sure you bring everyone in your family because we are positive we have everything you need for EVERYONE in your household!

Yard Sale

Friday, Jan. 18th 2013 at 2:15pm

2 Loveland Madeira Rd

Loveland, OH

It is from 2:15 pm from 4:00 pm. We will not sell after 4:00.

Yard Sale Rules

  • Be respectful of others
  • Be polite
  • Remember it is a yard sale and not black friday
  • Keep your young ones with you at ALL times
  • No drinks or food around the yard sale
  • You may ask for a better deal, remember we arent looking for a profit!
  • Have fun and enjoy the yard sale!

The best yard sale in Ohio!

We Guarentee to save you money to compared to others! We need to sell everything, we arent selling for a profit, we are selling to get rid of everything we have because we are moving out of the country!