American Revolution Research

Ryan Groom, Henson 6

Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre started from a wig! It was caused because a young wigmaker's apprentice named Edward Gerrish called out to a British officer on duty, Captain Lieutenant John Goldfinch, that he had not paid his master's bill.

Boston Tea Party

Subsequent “tea parties” were held in other colonies. Tea Act protests spread to other colonies throughout 1774. In cities such as New York, Annapolis and Charleston, South Carolina, patriots dumped tea off ships or burned it in protest.

Declaration of Independence

Eight of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were born in Britain.

Intolerable Acts

The acts aroused little direct opposition because they were limited in scope to New England and did not affect the interests of the majority of colonists.

Role of Women

Women in the Revolutionary War took on many roles, some were traditional while others were unconventional and scandalous for the time.