All Saints' Day Celebration

presented by the kindergarten class

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All Saints' Day Parade

Kindergarteners will come to school dressed in their school uniform and will be dressing up as their saint when they come to class in the morning in preparation for Mass. We would greatly appreciate having parents come in and help us get our saints ready! Following Mass, our little saints will march from church back to the classroom to the music "When the Saints go Marching In" Click below for a link to the signup for choosing a saint.

All Saints' Day Reports

Each Saint will tell the class about themselves. They will need to know the name of their Saint, their feast day, and something special about their Saint. They will need to finish their Saint homework going home on October 19th.

All Saints' Day Feast

Our wonderful room moms will be helping arrange a meal for our Saints that will include angel hair pasta, angel food cake and fruits and veggies. To sign up to bring food, click below.