"Unwind Moments" by Sweet Xscapes

"Xscape" the hustle and bustle.... June 6, 2015

"The Power of Laughter & Humor"

The intensity of life's situations can be the reality as we navigate the course of a day----INTENSE traffic on the way to work, INTENSE job duties and responsibilities , etc. So it's no surprise that tension within our own bodies has the potential to increase via sore muscles, anxiety, and/or irratability. I've learned over time that I'm no good to anyone else if I have not addressed the intensity of a long day and released the very things that attempt to impede on my joy. So I pray, meditate, and laugh. Yes, LAUGH!

Breyer (2011) expounds on the benefits of laughter as it's found that it can lower blood pressure, increase vascular blood flow, reduce stress hormones, burn calories, and increase memory and learning. How wonderful are these benefits and the greatest benefit of all is that laughter is just plain FUN!

I can easily say that my one-year old daughter, Jordyn, is one of my sources of laughter every single day. I'm not sure if she's going to be a comedienne one day, but this child never ceases to do something funny and then laughs as she's doing it. I can't help but to laugh along with her, regardless of how my day went. I'm learning that laughter is healthy and indeed necessary.

Refresh, Renew, Transform.....

New Product Alert!

I'm celebrating the launch of Sweet Xscape's herbal teas debuting at Market on Main in New Jersey tomorrow! Tea time is one of my favorite past times and I can't wait to share this experience with you, as you have the opportunity to "xscape" for just a moment with a cup of our signature tea, "Summer Refresh". I designed this tea with the tropics in mind as the exotic flavors of mango and pineapple tickle the taste buds for an exotic experience that can be enjoyed hot or cold.

This experience will have you wanting to skip our cookies and indulge in this treat of our new "Tea Xscapes" pack of 10 tea bags of high quality Rooibos Tea enhanced with organic mango & pineapple flavors, a one-ounce jar of gourmet honey, and five individual packets of all-natural, crystallized lime juice.

Tea Xscapes is perfect for your home or office pantry or anywhere a cup of tea can be enjoyed. Stay tuned for shipping availability in July!

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