Promise of America

Duncan, Manny, & Makarious


.At least 18 years old

.Have good character

.Be able to speak,read,write,and understand English

.Have basic knowledge of U.S. history,govt,and civics

.Be willing to take an oath of allegiance to U.S.

.Have been in the U.S. at least 1/2 of the time during the last 5 years

.Have been a lawful permanent resident for at least 5 years


1:Find out whether you are eligible

2:Overcome barriers to your ineligibility

3:File USCIS Form N-400

4:Get fingerprinted

5:Attend a citizenship interview

6:Attend the oath ceremony


We have this process because we want to make sure your worthy enough to become a U.S. citizen.Also because we don't some random person from another country coming to the U.S. without any kind of inspection.


.The definition of citizen is the responsibility and right of every american to maintain and preserve the constitution of the United states.

.Legal Obligations

.No one can be a responsible citizen without staying within the law.

.Social Obligations

.Means being a responsible citizen and helping out the communities and those who live in it

.Moral Obligations

Why these are important examples of responsible citizenship

it is what the citizens have to do

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