Media Center Monthly Newsletter


By the Numbers

November proved to be another busy month for the GHS media center. In November we:

  • Made over 300 student ID's (over 1,600 YTD)
  • Served an average of 796 students per day
  • Served over 1050 students on passes
  • Circulated over 1,100 items
  • Provided professional development via Google Classroom about Newsela
  • Hosted: Youth in Government meetings, Athletic Signing, Faculty Breakfast, and PTSA Pie Day.
  • Served and hosted classes for over 80% of our operating time.

Teacher Tech Awesomeness

As always, GHS teachers are using technology to enrich the classroom experience. Just a few examples include:

  • Allen: Google Classroom and Google Slides
  • Anderson: Google Classroom
  • Desai: Google Classroom, environmental webquest
  • Dunlap: Google Classroom
  • Harris: Google Classroom, Instagram
  • Horne: Google Classroom
  • Stokes: Edmodo
  • Taylor: Webquest
  • Tyner: Google Classroom
  • Oveson: Newsela
  • Pradhan: Board Builder

As always, if you are using a new technology that you would like to share with your peers, stop by the media center and let us know about it so we can share with the faculty.