The Catcher in the Rye

J.D. Salinger


 The story is about Holden Caulfield, who is the narrator and main character of story. He goes to high school at those schools where he stays at the school in dorms. He tends to be smart but has been kicked out of 3 schools and was going to Pencey prep for a while but was failing and gets kicked out. He goes back to Manhattan to his parents, and on his journey incounters certain things. He meets people and experiecnes new things and old things. he thinkgs back to an old hometown crush named Jane. He starts to think of other women he used to know and meets up with some and trys to get with others. From doing this he tries explaining to people about why he doesnt like school. He tells this to his sister who gets upset at him for this and accuses him of being " the catcher in the rye". Holden plans to leave for good and his little sister Pheobe tries coming with. Then an untold story after this all happens.
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Over all i liked the book mainly because of Holden's humor and the way he thinks. I find him humors will his vulgar remarks he makes. People who dont like vulgar humor or sexual incounters probably shouldnt read this book. Theres not much that happens except for him just wanting to get home and needing to go on this spirtual journey to figure out his life.


Holden Caulfield is the protagonist and narrator of the novel. Ackley is Holden’s next-door neighbor in his dorm at Pencey Prep.Stradlater is Holden’s roommate at Pencey Prep. Who he gets in a fight with. Jane Gallagher is a girl with whom Holden spent a lot of time one summer, when their families stayed in neighboring summer houses in Maine.Phoebe Caulfield is Holden’s ten-year-old sister.

Favorite Passage

"Then he took out all these women’s clothes, and put them on. Real women’s clothes-silk stockings, high-heeled shoes, brassiere, and one of those corsets with the straps hanging down and all. then he put on this very tight black evening dress. i swear to god.then he started walking up and down the room taking these very small steps, the way a women does, and s moking a ciggarette and looking at himself in the mirror”. I chose this passage because i found it humors.This is when he checked into his hotel room. Another weird thing happens when he looks into another hotel room.
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