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Message from Your Principal

Dear Lion,

Lemons. Would you say we have been served Lemons during this pandemic? As I sit here and reflect on the 100th day of school (yes, yesterday, January 26th marked the 100th Day of school), I have a lot on my mind. I have been reflective about being overly positive and trying to smile even as things have gotten pretty awful during this pandemic. However, I am choosing to fight. I am choosing to continue to fight and not forget why I am here. I continue to believe that this soon will be over and that we will be back to the normalcy of being IN school, on campus. In fact, we are preparing for it. We have added additional seating, tables, benches, and even four beautiful Tipuana trees, and they are waiting for you. Yes, we have been served some Lemons. However, we cannot come this far and be defeated. We cannot lose sight of our goals, because what happens when the pandemic is over? Keep fighting. Keep fighting. Keep fighting. Keep smiling. Keep loving. This pandemic will end. We are inching closer and closer. And when things resume back, we need to be on top. We need to be ready to apply for jobs. We need to be ready to apply for college. We need to be ready to qualify for scholarships. We need to be to be ready to go out into the world, do our part, and be happy.

This too shall pass. We have a new President, President Biden and a new Vice President, VP Harris. We have a vaccine. Things are slowly shaping up and I know I can count on you, on your generation, to bring optimism, brightness and hope to the world. Let's heal, let's keep fighting, and let's keep striving.

Your Principal,



Message from your Dean of Students

Hi Lions!

This is the final reminder to join the Lions Investment Club! If you have ever been curious or interested about investing in the stock market, check out the link below and consider joining! I am accepting interest interviews until Feb.12th. Join me!

The LVLA Lions Investment Club

Here is this week's Attendance Challenge competition update!

In Week 21, the Sophomores led all classes with an average daily attendance rate 99.55%. But the Freshmen still holds the lead in the January Attendance Challenge with an average daily attendance rate of 99.17%!

See the current January Attendance Rankings below.

See the Year to Date Attendance Rankings below (since 8/10):

Remember that our 2020-2021 school attendance goal is 98.5%. We are almost there! In order to receive credit for attendance/participation, and be marked "Present," you must join all of your Google Meet/Zoom sessions ON TIME, EVERY DAY! If you are late to any class, email/message your teacher so they don't mark you absent.

Logging on to every class isn't enough. You must participate and engage with your teachers and classmates. And make sure you complete and submit ALL your assignments because that will help your score too!

Please remember to call the school if you ever have access, technology, or connection issues.Have a great week, and be safe!

Mr. Monroy


A-G Eligibility

What to know more about A-G and what it means to be A-G Eligible? Take a peek at this videos.

Coming SOON! SEMESTER 1 HONOR ROLL and PERFECT ATTENDANCE AWARDS! We had a total of 80 Lions Make the Honor Roll and we will be mentioning them soon! HONOR ROLL students earn a 3.5 + GPA and we look forward to recognizing their efforts and academic excellence!

NWEA Winter Testing Administration

This week you are taking the NWEA MAP Tests. This is the mid-year assessment and it is extremely important for us to gauge your growth in Language Usage, Math, and Reading. LVLA, including all TFHE schools, administer NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments three times annually. You are familiar with the MAP tests from fall administration. The MAP assessments are extremely important, so please prepare to participate and give your 100%. The assessment questions are based on how you answer, and they change in complexity as you answer correctly or incorrectly. The goal is for you to demonstrate growth annually and as you progress between Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 and throughout the year. Progress is a must.

Who is Testing? Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12

What Tests? Three MAP tests: Reading, Language Usage, and Math

When are the Tests? Thursday, January 28th and Friday, January 29th

Where are we Testing? Remotely, the tests are web-based. You will report to your Advisory all day on Thursday and Friday.

Why are we Testing? To monitor your progress in Reading, Language Usage, and Math. We can identify what you have mastered and skills you are ready to learn. The data is also used to report to our district and the state. With many tests being suspended during the COVID Pandemic, these results are used for reporting and are used as evidence of your academic grade level in Reading, Language Usage and Math. The test will inform us how long you spend on a test and will ask you to slow down if you are going too fast. Please do the very best you can. These scores are recorded and a part of your academic file. You can use this as evidence when applying for different programs, scholarships, etc.

How are we Testing? Tests will be administered by your Advisor. You will only attend your Advisory class on Thursday and Friday.

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WASC Accreditation Visit

Our November 19th visit from the The Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (ACS WASC) was a success. A very special and important visit included a meeting with students, so a very grateful appreciation for Carlos M, Michelle G, Tatiana M, Italy V, Veronica L, Cindy C., who were the voice for the student body. Thank you! This is a very important visit and our accreditation is essential for you and the entire LVLA community.

Grades and Office Hours

Your aim to to earn a letter grade of C, B, or A. Letter Grades of Ds and Fs do not count for A-G Eligibility and most certainly bring down your Grade Point Average (GPA). If you earn a Letter Grade of D or F, you will have to repeat the course and we all know that it is not the best use of your time.

Reminder, all teachers do offer Office Hours for support on Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:20 - 3:30 PM. Please reach our to your teachers if you need to support. We want you to succeed. We know you want to succeed. This era, this pandemic shall pass and you must be prepared. This means having good grades and being ready for what comes after high school. If you need support, please attend office hours, turn on your cameras, and participate in class. You can do this.

Important Dates

NWEA MAP Winter Assessment: January 28th & 29th

Cisco Programming Bootcamp Session: January 24, 2021

Winter Break: February 15-19, 2021

Genetech Job Shadow Day: February 24, 2021 (open to 10th and 11th Grade)

End of Grading Period 4: February 12, 2021

TRAVEL ABROAD: If you signed up and are contributing for the Japan or Rome, Paris, London trip, please note that travel has been postponed until summer 2021. LVLA and Educational Tours will continue to work collaboratively and continue to plan for the trips. An upcoming meeting will be scheduled to provide updates and next steps!



Support and individual check-in time is available to all. Support can be provided upon referral, as needed. Please let any staff member know if you would like to speak to someone.

24-Hour Crisis Line 408.294.0579


The following resources are available to help people who may be experiencing distress or heightened anxiety right now:

  • 24/7 Behavioral Health Services Department Call Center: (800) 704-0900
  • Crisis Text Line: Text RENEW to 741741
  • Suicide and Crisis Hotline 24/7: (855) 278-4204
  • Mobile Crisis Response Teams (MCRT)
    1. Adults-BHSD MCRT: (800) 704-0900
    2. Children and Youth-Uplift Family Services Mobile Crisis Response: (408) 379-9085
  • If you are experiencing an emergency call 9-1-1 immediately.

COVID-19 Updates from Assembly Member Aah Kalra (a dedicated page)


There are TONS of Resources such as:

What's Popping Substances and You

Virtual Yoga

Virtual You Navigating Wellness Online Ages 12-25 Call 408-961-4700 for more info!


Offering Sessions such as:

Mindfulness Monday

Color and Vibe

Among Us Game Night

Calendar of Events:

Food Distribution:

Mondays: Our Lady of Peace (2800 Mission College Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95054)

Tuesdays: Our Lady of Refuge (Closest to LVLA) (2165 Lucretia Ave San Jose, CA 95122) (5PM-7PM)

Wednesdays: St. Martin of Tours (200 O'Connor Dr. San Jose, CA 95128) (9AM-11AM)

Thursdays: St. John Vianney (4600 Hyland Ave San Jose, CA 95127) (9AM-11AM)

Fridays: St. Lucy's Campbell (2350 S Winchester Blvd Campbell, CA 95008) (10AM-12PM)

Saturdays: Santa Teresa Parish (794 Calero Ave San Jose, CA 95123)


Dear Students,

I hope you had a great week and are off to a strong start 2nd semester.

I want to remind you of the importance of checking your student email. Now more than ever it’s really important you check your email because we are sending you important information about your classes and school announcements.

If you have any questions about your grades, please reach out so that we can schedule a time to meet. You can email me at

Have a great day

Ms. Canales

12th Grade Space - Class of 2021

Hi Seniors,

I hope you had a great week so far and are off to a strong semester! If you did not pass a class last semester, please send me an email:

Students who did not pass English/Government or are not on track to graduate need to be assigned credit recovery courses. Please check your emails often as I will send you important information through there. Let’s start and finish this semester strong and please let me know how I can support you moving forward! Thank you and take care!

Best regards,

Oscar Martinez

Academic Counselor


Sign up for an upcoming College & Career Readiness Event! We have virtual college tours, student panels, and workshops available.

Sign up here:

Genentech Job Shadow Day

The College and Career Department will be hosting a job shadow day in partnership with Genentech, a biotechnology company. You will have the chance to learn what it's like to work in the biotechnology industry as well as other industries like medical, business, finance, marketing, human resources, political, IT and design.

Register Here -

THERE IS STILL TIME: California State University Extends Some Application Deadlines. Read this article below, due to the pandemic, CSU is offering more time to apply, so if you missed the deadline and want the opportunity, we encourage you to apply!

Abby Sobrato Scholarship: Congratulations for students that submitted their applications. This is a very generous scholarship, but most importantly pairs our LVLA graduates with a mentor. If you are awarded the Abby Sobrato Scholarship along side mentoring through the Peninsula College Fund, PCF Scholars graduate within 6 years at a rate of 85%, much higher when compared to the national rates for First Generation College students. Students in Grades 9, 10, and 11, begin to prepare to apply for this amazing scholarship senior year.

CLASS of 2021 if you did NOT submit your Abby Sobrato Scholarship application, the DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO JANUARY 31st!!! Please reach out to Brittany Alvarez @ if you need help!!

Want information about College and Careers, check out your CCR Google Class, it lists opportunities and information!

Class of 2021 Google Classroom Code: ai5oqfo

Class of 2022 Google Classroom Code: benbxzz

Class of 2023 Google Classroom Code: 2itlnz6

Class of 2024 Google Classroom Code: ejdwevg


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From the Desk of Mr. Mireles, Office Manager

Hello Lions,

Is it lunch time?

Lunch is still offered at YBHS and it's free. Stop by for Lunch and Supper, M-F from 11:45 AM to 12:50 PM.

WiFi running slow?

Save time and a trip to the office. Click here for tips and tricks to improve your WiFi connectivity. If you are stopping by the office to exchange your Chromebook, don't forget your charger.

Need a work permit?

Remember Lions, this is a privilege and not a right. It is solely within the discretion of the school to determine whether you, a minor, who is still subject to the state’s compulsory education laws, may obtain a work permit and, therefore, be employed to work.You must first secure employment and submit the B1-1 Form to Ms. Uribe @ once complete. Thereafter, we will issue you the official work permit.

Information Technology

If you have a tech need, please contact our front office at 408.384.4015. Please call to schedule an appointment before visiting campus. You may also email Mr. Cesar Mireles directly at

Happy Birthday!

On you birthday we wish for you that whatever you want most in life comes to you just the way you imagined it or better. Happy birthday!


Mr. Monroy (1st)

Isaiah B. (1st)

Xavier M. (1st)

Miguel P. (3rd)

Aranza N. (4th)

Josefina D. (5th)

Julian M. (10th)

Andrey L. (11th)

Juana P. (14th)

Brigitte R. (14th)

Harbin G. (15th)

Maria S. (15th)

Ashely D. (16th)

Guadalupe P. (16th)

Obeth G. (17th)

Daniel G. (17th)

Jayleen M. (17th)

Jesus C. (19th)

Natalie L. (19th)

Nia J. (20th)

Lizeth V. (21st)

Gilberto C. (23rd)

Samantha L. (23rd)

Daniel G. (24th)

Jose M. (26th)

Ximena F. (28th)

Fermin I. (29th)

Enriquez S. (29th)

Nicole R. (30th)

Cindy C. (31st)


Yumey V. (2nd)

Veronica L. (3rd)

Alonda F. (5th)

Bianca C. (7th)

Henry C. (9th)

Estefania T. (9th)

Ramona A. (11th)

Adriana C. (11th)

Octavio P. (13th)

Reynaldo G. (14th)

Carlos S. (15th)

Sandy S. (16th)

Manuel H. (18th)

Katherine T. (20th)

Martin R. (21st)

Braublio L. (23rd)

Pedro M. (23rd)

Esperanza O. (23rd)

Sergio R. (24th)

Zayra C. (28th)

Benny V. (28th)

Iselle P. (30th)

Miguel G. (31st)

Bryan S. (31st)

The Foundation for Hispanic Education Updates

Hello LVLA Families,

We hope that this email finds you well and safe at this time. During the current state of COVID-19 cases, we would like to remind you to follow all state and county guidelines of social distancing. In the case that you need a COVID-19 test, please find free testing sites available here.

Also, please remember that we have weekly food distributions from partner Loaves & Fishes weekly on Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m. at 14281 Story Road. We ask that you please participate. For any questions or suggestions, please reach out at Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!

Kind Regards,

Martin E. Farfan


Hello LVLA families,

We need your input! Please complete this Parent Workshop Survey to help us organize educational workshops for this school year. Based on your requests, we will be providing step by step instructions and resources to help during this pandemic once a month. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions at

Upcoming Parent Workshop:

Technology/ Computer Literacy. Help with computer programs such as PowerSchool, Google Classroom, Gmail, Gmail Suite options.

January 26, 2021 @ 5:00 PM: Parent Workshop Series: Technology/Computer Literacy


February 3, 2021 @ 5:30 PM: Students Rising Above Scholarship (11th Grade Parents only) Link:

January 21, 2021 @ 4:00 PM: School Site Council #4


February 25, 2021 @ 5:30 PM: Virtual Cafecito with the Principal Link:

February 26 , 2021 @ 8:30 AM: Virtual Cafecito with the Principal Link:

Visit for ongoing and school information!

Student Participation

Thank you for the collaborative effort of your students' success. Collectively, we need to ensure students are not only attending class, but are active participants. This means cameras on, answering questions, asking questions, participating in classroom discussions, and completing assigned homework and classwork.

If your student struggled or is struggling in class, you will be receiving a call to set up a meeting.

Self-Mastery - Unlocking Your Full Potential

Build Your Motivation

Many of us are having trouble sticking with good habits and focusing on the things we say are important. If this sounds familiar, ask yourself, “What do I need right now that would make me feel better?” For me, sometimes, the answer is a nap, some reading time, or going for a walk with my dogs, Chilly and Optimus. I give myself permission to enjoy that small indulgence (aka self-care), and it is enough to help me return to the important things at hand. In this way, I can reenergize and muster the motivation to keep going.

Another approach is to create a mantra for yourself that you can fall back on when you’re feeling defeated, unsure and stuck. You can tie this mantra back to the visualization exercise, when you identified what is important to you about how you get through your current circumstance. If you said you want to be flexible, confident and calm (for example), use those words to create your mantra: “I am confident. I am flexible. I am calm” or, “I am able to ride the wave with confidence and ease.”

People That Changed the World

Emil Guillermo

Print and Broadcast Journalist, Commentator and Humorist


Born in San Francisco, Guillermo is an alumnus of Harvard University, where he studied history and film, and was a member of the Harvard Lampoon. He delivered the Ivy Oration as class humorist in 1977. From 1989-1991, he was host of NPR's "All Things Considered." He was the first Asian American male, and first Filipino American, to host a regularly scheduled national news broadcast.[1][2] He has also worked as a television reporter in San Francisco, Dallas, and Washington, D.C. He has hosted his own radio talk show in Washington D.C., San Francisco and Sacramento. His writing and commentary has been widely published in newspapers around the country, and has earned him national and regional journalism awards. In 2015, Guillermo received the Asian American Journalists Association's Dr. Suzanne Ahn Award for Civil Rights & Social Justice, in recognition of excellence in coverage of Asian American Pacific Islander civil rights and social justice issues.

Guillermo is the author of Amok: Essays from an Asian American Perspective—a compilation of essays originally published in Asian Week—that won an American Book Award in 2000.

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