Vega All-Stars Music and Choir

Fall 2015

Important Dates:

5/31- Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony

6/2- 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Music Wishlist

1. Tissues
2. Pencils
3. Erasers
4. Large Hot Glue Sticks
5. Itunes gift cards
6. Clorox wipes
7. Dry Erase Markers
8. Ziplock Bags (Gallon & Quart) with slider
Fourth Grade Recorder Order Form

Fourth grade parents, click here to order a recorder for your child. Please send exact change or a check made out to VEGA ELEMENTARY.

Facebook Permission

Hey Parents, would like to see pictures of your kid(s) on our Facebook page, please fill out our online permission form today. We want to showcase your student and what we are learning in Music this year.

Learning Objectives

K- high/low, long/short, beat, beat/rhythm

1st- quarter rest, prepare la, prepare quarter rest

2nd- prepare do, prepare re, practice half note

3rd- high do', sixteenth notes, low la, low so,

4th- syncopa, high do', absolute pitch in treble clef, recorders

5th- absolute pitch on recorders, fa, tam-ti and ti-tam