Phlegethon Beach and Resort

All Fun In The Scorching Sun Begins Here!

Fun For The Whole Family

An all new experience you wont wanna miss! A new beach resort featuring a Hot Spring River! So fun the waters colored, a family amusement you'll want to experience together. Rafting and Kayaking are also opportunities available.
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Special Offers:

  • Kayaking- Kayaking is one of our most popular offers many families enjoy trekking down this river together.
  • Rafting- Another attraction we offer is Rafting, Rafting down the waterfalls and bumps and jolts of the basking hot water makes this something you wont wanna miss!
  • NEW! Paddle Boarding- All new highly requested Paddle Boarding! Paddle Boarding in The Phlegethon is one of the most recognized events in the area! The smooth red liquid makes it even more exciting.
  • Para-sailing- An inexpensive fun filled event! Watching others swim through the spoiled river below, now available in groups!

Existing Visitors

The resort has its own petting zoo exhibit including a half man, half horse named Centaur, A part man part beast creature named Minotaur and a dragon named Geryon. Children love to roam and play among the creatures.


Our Resort is located a short distance in the heart of Hell! With an exquisite view of the Phlegethon. The only fee is your soul and eternity! All violence is accepted, in fact required. You can check out anytime but you can never leave.
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