Pike Panther Picks

April 2013

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent is a story about a girl named Tris that left her family for a new faction. The faction she left was Abnegation and the one she joined was Dauntless. As soon as she passed the test to really be one of the Dauntless a war started between Abnegation and Erudite. The Erudite didn't have much man power so they made simulations which took control of the regular Dauntless but not the Divergent. Tris was Divergent which meant that she was not controlled and had to save the world from total destruction with help from her family, Four/Tobias, and an unexpected group. Read it to find out if the Erudite take over the world or Tris and her friends stop them.

Schools Out Forever: Maximum Ride

Max gets duplicated and the fake Max kidnaps Fang, Angel, Iggy, and Gazzy. Max is held hostage. Max tries to escape and succeeds. She goes to find the rest of the gang but it just leads her back to the school. She ends up..... Read the rest of the book to find out. Derek M.

A Child Called It

A Child Called It is the story of a an abused child's fight to survive. It is a true story about the author and what his life was like when he was younger. His mother used be the wonderful mom that every child dreams of. Something snapped inside of her and she began to beat her son David. She did horrible things like starving and hitting him. Even though it is about a very sad topic, David Pelzer wrote an amazing book about his true story that has touched my heart, and the heart of many others. By: Logan M.

Beautiful Creatures By:Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Ethan Wate has always lived in Gatlin and knows anything and anybody in town. Ever since his mom died, Ethan has had dreams about a mysterious girl that he has never met. Macon Ravenwood is the town's most hated and feared person. One day, Lena, Macon's neice, moves into town. Ethan finds out that Lena is the girl he has been dreaming about and falls in love with her. Along the way, Ethan uncovers that Lena has special powers and that on her sixteenth birthday she we be claimed by the light or the dark. What will Lena's fate be, light or dark? To find out read Beautiful Creatures! By: Mackenzie W.

Starry River of the Sky By: Grace Lin

Rendi ran away from home and found himself on a wine cart, where no one knew where he was. Once day a merchant bought some wine and found Rendi hiding between the barrels. The merchant took Rendi with him to the Inn of Clear Night Sky. Rendi would become a chore boy. Finally the Inn of Clear Night Sky received customers. One day Rendi was sending meals to the customers and Rendi was kidnapped. Find out what happens to Rendi when you read Starry River of the Sky. Julia V.

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