Make Way For Ducklings

Robert McCloskey

Literary Elements

Setting and theme are reflected in the illustrations more than anything else. It is very noticeable that they ducks are flying over cities and the things/people they encounter.

Physical Features

The size makes the book meaningful because the illustrations spread across two pages. The illustrations also take place in cities from the ducks perspective, therefore having the entire "scene" or city covering the pages is important.

Visual Elements

This book does not have any color except brown. I do not understand the point of that considering that ducks see reds, yellows, greens, and blues more vibrantly than humans. However, the line work through the images is amazing. It gives great detail on buildings, the ducklings hairs, trees, and even clothing that the people are wearing.

Artistic Style and Media

The artistic style in this book is realistic. Nothing is way out of proportion or out of the ordinary. The setting mainly takes place in Boston and the illustrations portrayed that. The media used throughout this book was with charcoal.

Elements of Illustration

This book has no framing for the illustrations. The images take up both pages to fully express and portray the setting. The turn of pages should be at a relatively slow pace in order for the readers to take in all of the detail of the image. This book talks about trying to find the right place for the duck to have her babies; making the setting and images very important.

Interplay of Text and Illustrations

The text is located in the white spots of the images, which is usually in the corners. That creates a good meaning because the text does not want to take the text away from the images.
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