Lloyd Road School Newsletter

January 2020

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Monthly Dates to Remember

You can find detailed information on some of these events in our Lloyd Road School Virtual Backpack.


2: School re-opens

3: Parent-Teacher conference sign up opens on parent portal for Jan. 13-16 conferences

6-10: iReady mid-year Language Arts and Math assessments administered

9-10: PTO school store during lunches

8: 7:15 p.m. Community presentation on Bias, Prejudice, and Stereotypes (flyer link)

10: Martin Luther King Poetry and/or Art contest entries due (see flyer for details)

13: 5:30-9:00 p.m. Parent-Teacher conferences (12:50 dismissal)

13: 7:00 p.m. Board meeting at Cambridge Park Complex

14: 1:35-3:20 p.m Parent-Teacher conferences (12:50 dismissal)

15: 9:45 a.m. PTO meeting in school cafeteria

15: 5:30-9:00 p.m. Parent-Teacher conferences (12:50 dismissal)

16: 1:35-3:20 p.m Parent-Teacher conferences (12:50 dismissal)

16: Community screening of Screenagers: next Chapter Uncovering Skills For Stress Resilience (see flyer link)

17: 12:50 dismissal for afternoon staff professional development session

18: 3:00 p.m. Community Presentation Striving for Greatness (Flyer Link)

20: No School: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

27: 7:00 p.m. Board meeting at at Cliffwood School

28: PTO Box Tops collection begins

Students of the Month!

Congratulations to our Students of the Month for November! It is always a pleasure eating lunch with all of you and getting the chance to talk more. The selected students were as follows:


Grade 5:

Liam Buchan-----------Reese Broderick----------Imyah Holmes----------Sabrina Lanzilotta

Anthony Sabio---------Anna Royce---------------Marcio Castaneda------Bianka Washington

Kylee Thomas---------Riley Luma----------------Andrew Espada---------Avery Garr

Samantha Macchia---Kevin Urena---------------Frank Reyes-------------

Taylin Taylor-----------Lexi Rae Gomez----------Christopher McGovern

Grade 4:

Abigail La Corte--------Jazlyn Frederick----------Elyjaih Rodelo----------Collin Oneto

Maggie Pisarczyk------Abbie Tiernan-------------Katherine Wong--------Ethan Hoffman

Gary Grimaldi-----------Jack Cartmell-------------Charlotte Ng Christopher

January 13-16 Parent Teacher Conferences

The online sign up for the January conferences opens on January 3. The details for the conferences can be found below or on our website at https://www.marsd.org/Page/5540 in the announcement section. If you have not accessed the parent portal before you can contact our main office for a parent portal set up letter. You can contact Ms. Gascot in the main office at (732) 705-5700, or email dgascot@marsd.org.
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Dismissal parking and pick up safety reminders

We know there is limited parking for cars during dismissal due to the front driveway along the sidewalk being designated for buses. With cars parking in varied locations and sometimes not in spots it is extremely important to be extra mindful of walking students and parents as they either cross driveways or walk back to parked cars. It is always advised and preferred that adults picking up students meet them in front of the building to walk back with them to the parked car to help assure they are walking safely through any traffic.

Parent Portal Updates

As we enter the new year please make sure to update all your contact information on the Parent Portal so we have the most up to date emergency contact names, numbers, and email addresses.

You can access the Portal at the following web address: http://fridayparentportal.com/matawanaberdeen.

We urge parents/guardians to log into the Portal to verify the following information is up to date and accurate:

- Phone numbers

- Emails addresses

- Emergency contacts: add new contacts or update information. If you need to delete any contacts, please send a note to the main office with the information. Requests must be made in writing with details.

If you can't find your log-in information, please contact the main office at (732) 705-5700, or email dgascot@marsd.org.

School Attendance Procedures

As we approach the middle of the school year, it is a great time to not only review academic progress but also attendance since we know how closely related school attendance is to academic achievement. Last year the Department of Education updated what can be counted for excused absences.

As per the New Jersey Department of Education School Register, the NJDOE recognizes only the five allowable reasons listed below as a “state-excused absence:” As a result, the district has updated attendance procedures in order to facilitate accurate and efficient state attendance reporting to the New Jersey Department of Education.

  1. Religious observance (N.J.A.C. 6A:32-8.3(h)

  2. A college visit (up to 3 days per school year, only for students in grades 11 and 12)

  3. “Take Our Children to Work Day” (pursuant to the Memo - Click Here issued by the Commissioner to all districts on April 25, 2017) or other rule issued by the Commissioner

  4. Participation in observance of Veterans Day (N.J.S.A. 18A: 36-13.2) or district board of election membership activities (N.J.S.A. 18A: 36-33)

  5. The closure of a busing district that prevents a student from having transportation to the receiving school.

A brief bulleted summary of the main points of the district policy are:

- There are now only 5 reasons the state recognizes to be counted as excused absences.

(see the letter for those reasons)

- Our student information system, Realtime, generates letters automatically at 4,8,12,16, 20 and 24 absences.

-The attendance reminder letters are then mailed home. We try and keep track of certain situations that we have been made aware of that may have affected a student's attendance such as days off for a death in the family, chronic health condition, etc. However, the letters may still be sent home depending on the overall number of absences.

- As is noted in the district letter, the school counselors, special services case managers or administration do call home to check in on higher absences.

- In person meetings are then set up for absences around 8-10 absences depending on any known circumstances.

-In person meetings will be needed especially for situations where a student has had excessive absences over multiple years showing a pattern.

Weather Closings or Delays

Closing and Delay Details

It is important to plan ahead in case we do have inclement weather that causes either a delayed opening, early closing or full closing.

If we have any kind of emergency closing a robo-call will go out to all families to the phone numbers listed on the parent portal as ones parents want to receive calls on. Many times an email blast will also go out with the detailed information so it is important to keep updated emails in the parent portal as well. Lastly, the district website can also be checked as an alert message will usually be posted. The school hours for emergency closings are included below but they can also be accessed any time on our website through the following link: https://www.marsd.org/Page/436

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Guidance Updates

When we return for the New Year, our counselors Ms. Giacchi and Mrs. Tay will be facilitating monthly classroom lessons on the pillar character trait of Perseverance. Perseverance is our January Student of the Month character trait. They will read the story "The Dot" by author Peter Reynolds and will also do a follow-up activity. "The Dot" is a book about growth mindset, courage, and making a mark and seeing where it takes you. The PTO was generous and donated copies of the book for each homeroom!

Click here to see a preview of "The Dot"

After your child experiences the guidance lesson take some time to discuss the book and its theme because we know that follow up from home on such powerful lessons can make a world of a difference for our young students. We can all MAKE a MARK in our very own way!

Math Olympiad Contest #2 Top Scorers

Perfect Score:

Ryan Hart

Great Scores:

Maggie Kauffman

Alyssa Biunno

Jody Gann

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Continental Math Contest # 2 Top Scorers

Grade 4 Top Scores:

Jack Cartmell, Anaya Patel, James Gonzalez Rubio, Beckett Pell

Grade 4 Great Scores:

Deliah Spare, Shail Gupta, Avani Roshan, Algabriel Go, Stefanos Natsios, Dylan Sierra, Nina Polichinski, Peter Palao, Grace Pearl, Ethan Brosseau, Isabelle Bobrowska, Nikki Monemvasitis, Christopher Guage Aliperti, Arjun Roshan, Malik Brown, Lauren Casey, Alisha Patel

Grade 5 Top Score:

Mirona Opokumensah

Grade 5 Great Score:

Ben Wiginton

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Virtual Backpack (Here are a few flyers for upcoming events but visit our virtual backpacks regularly for new flyers)

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District Strategic Plan Process

We hope that you will offer to participate and will encourage others to do so. If you are available and can commit to both dates, we would be honored to work with you on this critical vision-setting project. Please complete the MARSD Strategic Planning RSVP - 2019-2020 CLICK HERE to let us know if you will be able to join us in this exciting and important opportunity to assist in shaping the future of the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District.

More details on this year's strategic planning process can be found on our district website through this link.

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PTO Winter Chill Fun For All!