15.3 Consumer Protection Actions

15.3 Goals

Goal #1: List common consumer concerns

Goal #2: Describe the steps of the consumer complaint process

Goal #3: Explain legal actions available to assist customers

15.3 Key Vocabulary

meditation- involves the use of third party who tries to resolve the complaint between the consumer and the business

arbitration- results in a decision that is legally blinding

class action suit- legal action by one party on behalf of a group of people who all have the same grievance

small claims court- a court system exists to resolve cases involving small amounts

15.3 Key Concepts

1. Sources of Complaint: State attorneys general have the primary responsibility for the enforcement of their state's consumer protection laws.

2. Deceptive Business Activities: Consumer frauds can be found anywhere and especially online.

3. Protection for Shoppers: With the increasing popularity of e-commerce comes the concern for consumer rights.

4. The Complaint Process: Contact the place of purchase, contact the company headquarters, involve a consumer agency, and then take legal action.

5. Third-Party Settlements: A third-party may be used to settle consumer differences which is called meditation.

6. Class Action Suits: Legal action by one party on behalf of a group of people who all have the same grievance.

7. Small Claims Court: Court System that involves solving cases that have small amounts.

8. Using a Lawyer: When a situation involves larger amounts of money or severe injuries from a product, the use of an attorney may be appropriate.