Never Really Alone

Amazing teen helps community

Have you ever felt alone? If yes what do you do , call some friends , go out for the night, change the community? One hero has the answer.

Roxy Hamilton

How does one teen help change a community?

Roxy's parents were never really around during her childhood. During her high school career, she began feeling alone. So she set out to help the community, so no one would have to feel the same way as her

Her story

In her junior year of high school. Roxy fell into a depression due to being alone. With her parents never being home she had no one. She hated the thought of people being alone and set out to help the community

What she did

Roxy decided to set out and change the community. She set out to help kids with broken homes to make them feel better. She planed community gardens, and set up different activities for the children to do.
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A community garden set up by roxy

A change in the community

In her neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin the whole mood has changed. What was once viewed as a boring part of town now has a new life. A frequent gardener at the community garden says "the neighborhood has just like come back to life with the garden and the things the kids are doing.
Photos of a water balloon fight set up by roxy

How she achieved her goals

At first many people were skeptical about her cause, but through hard work and perseverance she has the whole community involved. Roxy claims she wants to do more and is currently working on new projects.

In the future

Roxy plans on expanding her organization and possibly spreading to more cities. To keep up with Roxy and all her plans check out her blog here