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Carissa H.


When ever I read I zone out and read and think about my imagination about the book. The good thing about books is that they don't need to be true so you can just use your imagination and make things up.

About Me

My name is Carissa and I live in Kansas. I like to read story's that are a bout teenage girls life's, I also like to read books that are about romance, sad, and realistic fiction. I like to read young adult books cause i feel like I enjoy it more than simpler books. I like to read books that i enjoy and if I enjoy it i will always finish it but if i do not like a book and it is boring i will usually not finish a book.

10 Things about me as a reader

1.I only like reading books that i enjoy if i do not enjoy it i will not finish the book.

2. I l like reading books at night because it makes me sleepy.

3.When i read i can zone out and don't listen to anybody.

4. My favorite types of book is realistic fiction.

5. I like to read books before the movie if there is a movie about the book.

6. My favorite book is called The Westing Game.

7. I can never read in the car because i will always get car sick.

8. I do not buy a lot of books i like to get books from the library.

9. I like reading somewhere comfortable not a bed.

10. I like to read with a lot of light I can not stand reading in the dark.

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Interest And Favorites

My favorite authors are John Green, Ellen Raskin, Bill Wallace, Gayle Forman, and Raquel J. Palacio. I like these authors because their books are the genres that I like so I really like the books that they write.

My latest blog entry

I'm not currently reading a book because i just finished a book called The Westing Game. I read the book the Westing Game because it was for our 6th grade literature circle (book club). I really enjoyed the book, it is now one of my favorite books. If you like books about mysteries then I would recommend the Westing Game to you.
Pharrell Williams - Happy (Official Music Video)

Why I chose the song happy by Pharrell

I chose the song happy by Pharrell because the song is up beet and the lyrics express why I love reading.
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Cite Reccomendation

A cite recommendation to go to when you are looking for books is . I like this cite because it is young adult books and there is a link at the side bar that lets you pick what genre you like. A high school librarian wrote these reviews.

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