FOR SALE: The Typewriter

For Sale By: Jake,Ashton, Kyrah,and Sofia

How Is This Amazing Item Supposed to Help Me

You are probably sick and tired of writing on regular old paper, well with the typewriter you just strike a ribbon and whoosh you have a letter on a paper. Plus you can have it right now just come on down to 4567 Plainview Dr, Iowa

Who is making this wonderful item

Christopher Latham Sholes is making this wonderful item. He is an American inventor who came up with this wonderful invention in 1874. Christopher Latham Soles is also newspaper publisher and Wisconsin politician
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The typewriter was originally meant for the blind but became apart of american society.

Mark Twain said his "Tom Sawyer" in 1876 was the first book written on a typewriter

The first typewriter proven to work was made by Italian Pellegrino Turri in 1808