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"Whats in it for you"

Advise Column

Dear Carolyn: So i have a crush on this girl and there's so much going on right now, i just dont know what to do to take things a step further with her in our unpredictable relationship. As the days go by it seems harder and harder to get to know her better as a person instead of the rebel she is. I want me and her to be together but at this questionable time its hard tell the way she really feels. So Im asking how to take things just a step further, and hopefully get into a serious relationship through these tough times.

Sincerely, Lover Boy (Sam)

Advise Response

Dear Lover Boy: I think what you should do is just try and talking to her more and be there for her when no else is. Dont be afraid to talk to her or hangout with her and even through your tough time, find any opportunity you can to just be by her side, and talk to her and hangout. And always be yourself around her because she will be able to tell when your acting different,

Sincerely Carolyn Hax

Can you survive?

In a world of hackers everything is run by technology. When they catch the person who's hacking into the systems, they give him options, jail or CDD. Not everyone can survive in this world. The technology is crazy, going from simple ear buds to neuro headsets that can take over your mind. In the end everything....

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