Police officer

By: Ayleen

Job description

Police officers, always have something to do 24/7. In this job you protect family's and other people. All police officers protect us to keep us safe. In 9/11 more that 400 , firemen, FBI's have died to protect people from twin towers. Polices do anything to protect us and keep us away from danger.

Educations requirements

To be a police officer you should at least get a high school diploma to a college, or higher, and a college degree. Also graduate from agency training academy before completing a period of on job training.

Salary benefits

Per year if your getting started you get about $60,000 (game wardens) . On the middle times of you working their you get about $77,000 (railroads polices) . And when you have worked more than 3- more years you get 87,000 per year( detectives and top polices like sheriffs) . On the hours you get $30 per hours and most polices work for 40 hours (all week) 40x30= $1,200 per week

Interesting facts!

•You get a health insurance for you and your family

•If the person you're trying to stop doesn't stop and speeds up you get to chase it and speed up!

•Get to carry protection likes guns, electric shot ect...

• you know how to protect!