Cinderella VS Yeh-shen


once upon a time a girl named Cinderella beautiful young little girl had a lovely father and beautiful mother that loved her very much . one day her mother died because she was very very sick . A few days after her father died also from sickness. but before he died he had married a woman that was kind, and caring to her father and her step- mother was very very mean to Cinderella . Her step-mother already had two daughters when they went outside to get the mail they saw the prince is having a ball and they decided to go to the ball the night of the ball Cinderella went outside sad sobing and sobing until she saw her god-mother with a wand she told her to get a pumpkin , three rats,and two lizards.and she made all of that stuff into a cottage, a horse man , and horses and the last thing was she tapped Cinderella with her wand and Cinderella turned out of her rags into a beautiful dress and slippers then she went to the ball and before she could say anything her god-mother said be back by midnight when Cinderella got to the ball everyone was looking at her the prince asked if she can dance with him she did then the clock stoke 12:00 she ran and her slipper came off and the magic broke the prince picked up her slipper and he decided to hunt for Cinderella next day he went to her house and found Ciderella and they got marraid


Yeh -shen father died when she was young her mother also died when she was young but before her father died he maraid another woman she was mean to Yeh -shen . Yeh-shen would always go outside and go to the pond and feed her golden fish that she thought is her pet one day she went to feed and play with her fish and the fish always new Yeh-shen because she wore this tannish jacket . on that day her step-mother was looking for Yeh shen and never new that Yeh -shen was keeping a secret from her that she had a fish and when she came out Yeh- shen went to get more food her mom put her jacket on and the fish came up and she pulled out a dagger and killed the fish she got in troble and she