A separate peace

General Information

Title: A separate peace

Author: John Knowles

Publication: 1959


A separate peace is a story about two boys (Gene and Finny). The story takes place at Devon School during World War 2. Finny started the "Super Suicide Society of the Summer Session" where they had to jump out of a tree into a river. Gene becomes jealous of Finny because he is good at sports and break the Schools swimming record. Because of that he made that Finny fell of the tree, when they did the "Super Suicide Society" Finny broke his leg and couldn't do any sports anymore. Gene starts to feel sorry for Finny. Gene wants to be like Finny and starts to loose his own personality. Finny wants to train Gene for the Olympics because he wants him to be the new sport talent of the school.



Gene is a student at the Devon School. He is intelligent and gets good grades. His best friend is Finny, but he developed something like a love- hate relationship with him. He becomes jealous of Funny, because he is so good at sports. He wants to become like Finny, and even starts to loose his own personality.


Finny is Gene's best friend. He is good at sports, and even broke the Schools swimming record. He is a likeable person, and seems to be perfect. He can engage others with his joy of living. He thinks that everyone likes him, and shares his enthusiasm. He doesn't get as good grades as Gene does. After he fell of the tree he can't do any sports anymore, which hits him hard. He trained Gene for the Olympics after his fall.