A versatile and easy-to-use tool for the classroom!

Apple iPads: Not only used for games anymore

iPads are user-friendly tablets that have not only replaced textbooks, but can also make learning fun through the use of applications (apps). There are hundreds of apps for the iPad available that are used to promote literacy development.

Student Ownership

The ease of use with the iPad promotes independence among learners and encourages the development of a sense of ownership.

iPad Apps for All Learning Levels

There are apps for the iPad that cover all aspects of literacy development for most learning levels. Below is an example of an app from Kids 1st Puzzles called "First Words Trucks."
First Words Trucks and Things That Go - Learn the ABCs with Trucks and Diggers

Claudia Noriega

SPTA for Sawyer Middle School and Education/Psychology student at Nevada State College. Anticipated graduation - August 2016.