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Monthly Update from Mrs. Carlton

November 2022

November is already almost over! Time seems to be flying by. This month for Toolbox, students have been learning about empathy. "I care for myself, and I care for others." This very important tool help students understand what empathy means (it's more than just being kind.) Empathy is being able to put yourself in "someone else's shoes," to be able to relate to what someone is going through and feels. This not only helps our students with kindness and compassion, but builds on conflict resolution skills, social interactions, and emotional regulation. Personal space is another tool we will start this month which focuses on respecting boundaries as well the importance of keeping our hands and feet to ourselves.

Strategies to Help Foster Empathy

Empathize with your child during challenging situations

Talk about feelings- what they look like and how they feel

Suggest ways to show empathy

Read stories about empathy and feelings

Model empathy: Be a role model

Using "I" messages: "I don't like when you hit me. That hurt me."

Validate your child's difficult or challenging emotions

For younger children: use pretend play!

Thanksgiving Break

November 23rd- November 27th

No School, Happy Thanksgiving Dolphins!

Check out our Toolbox books this month:

Counseling Office Resources

Counseling Office Resources

Our community offers a wealth of resources to support children and their families. Please let me know if you are in need of outside counseling contacts, employment support, food/clothing/utilities, crisis intervention, or any other concerns/questions!