Literacy Lookout

Edition 3 :|: March 2022

Happy Spring!

Wow! Can you believe we are wrapping up the third quarter? This year has flown by and we are seeing some major growth in our students...all because of you, our amazing teachers and staff! We have seen your willingness to try something new and we appreciate how welcoming you have been to change. Success grows when the vision is shared, so thank you for putting our students first and diving into this literacy initiative with us!

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:|: Staff & Student Successes :|:

You know the saying, "all hands on deck"? Well, it's evident that Mapleton has adhered to that saying whole-heartedly! Our staff has dove into interventions both in and out of the classroom and our students are soaring! Both the Elementary and Middle School have been implementing Tier II interventions since January. The data proves our students are growing and becoming more successful readers, writers, speakers, and listeners!

Check out these numbers! The charts below show the decrease in the number of unmastered skills in Phonological Awareness from January to March. Even though we have made great progress, there are still so many skills our students are working to master.

Big picture
Big picture

:|: How's your bowling? :|:

When we aim for the middle while bowling, which as teachers we are often encouraged to do to "reach the most students", it results in a 7/10 split with one pin left on each side. Those pins are the students who need the most support, the ones who need the most challenge. So the question becomes....How do we teach in a classroom that has a wide variety of needs?

How could this be tied to literacy? Think leveled texts. It's not about leveling the texts for students, it's about leveling the support you give them! When our support within the classroom covers the wide variety of needs, everyone benefits! As Dr. Alfred Tatum states, "Leveled texts lead to leveled lives."

Shelley Moore: Transforming Inclusive Education

:|: Join our Book Club :|:

After spring break we will be diving into The Knowledge Gap by Natalie Wexler along side Mr. Fulton. This is a great opportunity for any teacher, including non-ELA teachers, to better understand the direction that our district is headed regarding literacy and why we have chosen this path. As a very easy and eye-opening read, come with an open-mind either before or after school to discuss major changes in the education world. If you are interested, contact Mr. Fulton ASAP!

Need a quicker way to get a summary of The Knowledge Gap? The Science of Reading Podcast has an excellent episode with Natalie Wexler ! Click to listen to S1:E1!

If you aren't able to join, be on the lookout for more Book Clubs coming this Fall!

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