Biotechnology Project

Parker Sigmon

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role of DNA in biotechnology, and how biotechnology is used in DNA testing

DNA is genetically modified to make crops withstand many bugs and make them stronger so they can withstand storms as well. scientists are also working on genetically modifying babies so they can have the features there parents want them to. Advances in biotechnology have made us able to take a hair, blood, saliva etc. test and send it to a lab and within a week or so they can tell us if a Bigfoot print in a Bigfoot or a bear, or we can do a paternity test on a baby.

biotechnology in medicine

Advances in biotechnology have made vaccines better and a lot easier to make. A device designed by researchers at the university of California Los-Angeles detects oral cancer from a single drop of saliva.

biotechnology in agriculture

most farmers today are using biotechnology that will make there crops more resistant to pesticides, pests, weather, and other environmental stresses. Farmers today can also improve the taste, texture, and appearance of food. Or they can improve the amount a plant produces, or make the plant be able to produce in harsher climates.

biotechnology in environmental cleanup

Bio-remediation is a cleaning technique that uses organisms to remove or neutralize pollutants in a contaminated area. biotechnology can help clean the environment because we develop new technology that we can discover microbes that can eat other organisms that pollute the earth.

negatives in biotechnology

  • someone could discover a substance that could create a bomb even larger and more destructive than the atomic bomb.
  • if we genetically alter animals a crops the wrong way the crops could poison us and the animals could harm our species
  • we could develop a way to clone humans and bad people could use the clones to do evil things.

Epidemiologists survey

Epidemiologists gather data to try and understand the causes of diseases, and try to solve health issues involving the public. Epidemiologists figure out these diseases by conducting experiments, surveys, tests, and studying the subject they are trying to find

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National Ranks 1-10

North Carolina is actually very high on the scale, North Carolina is number nine out of fifty states, here is the top ten in biotechnology

  1. California
  2. New Jersey
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Illinois
  5. Texas
  6. Florida
  7. Massachusetts
  8. New York
  9. North Carolina
  10. Indiana