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Term 1 2022

Welcome message

Kia ora Tātou,

We find ourselves once again in challenging times. As I write I reflect on the uncertain circumstances so many of us find ourselves in managing Omicron, staff shortages, student absence, unwell families, families struggling in a range of isolation situations and the fact that any plans we make need to be adapted and updated and often a moment’s notice. At this time, I am aware of our need to centre ourselves, take time to rest, to reflect and to pray. I have found reaching out to colleagues who are experiencing the same challenges supportive and reassuring.

I encourage you to reach out to your Executive representatives if there is anything our association can do to support you at this time.

May we, who are experiencing the effects of the COVID-19, remember the words of Scripture: “Be still and know that I am God”.

May we, who as adults struggling to process what is happening, remember children who are fearful of a reality they cannot comprehend.

May we, who complain about the scarcity of commodities, remember those who are working to maintain the supply chain.

May we, who observe the long queues of those seeking support, remember those for whom there is no government assistance or financial aid.

May we, who work to end poverty, promote justice and uphold dignity, remember those living and working in vulnerable communities.

May we, who are working from home, remember those who have no employment or home from which to work.

May we, who have access to medical facilities and services, remember those do not have basic health care.

May we, who are experiencing border restrictions, remember refugees who cannot return home.

May we give thanks for those who are working to help or bring some kindness, joy or humour to others, showing us that the light of Christ shines.

During this time, and if we must close our school doors, may we continue to keep our hearts open to our families, friends, local and global communities.

We asked this in the name of Jesus.


Ngā mihi nui

Dr Sue Jury



Goal: To streamline communication across the Catholic Principal network.

We are excited to let everyone know we have taken on a new website provider. School apps will now oversee the way the NZCPPA communicates with its membership.

One of the goals that we hoped to have achieved was to have clear lines of communication from the Executive directly to your desk. We want to ensure you feel part of the New Zealand Aotearoa Catholic family is extremely important for us, the NZ Exec.

In two weeks time we will be launching the new website along with the app and termly newsletters - Jump on board!

  1. Facebook - NZ CATHOLIC Principals - Closed page - a place to support, share and ask questions to support Catholic principalship

  2. National App - Alert you to important dates, information and updates

  3. Termly Newsletter - Regular and up to date news and snippets from the Exec meeting held that term

  4. Website - information platform about all Catholic primary schools in Aotearoa

The executive members responsible for communication are Jo McKay (Dunedin) Daniel Pepper (Auckland) Michele Mill (Auckland) Liz Heatley (Wellington)


Goal: To create and develop links of assistance and active unity amongst Catholic principals throughout New Zealand.

So far we have:

  • updated our database of Catholic principals across the country, this will be available on the new website (you can find it now on the current website, click on schools button and choose the diocese),

  • We will continue to deliver national conferences for networking and professional development.

  • We have shared with diocesan executive officers the Christchurch Diocese’s Faith based leadership opportunity as an example of support available.

Our next steps include

  • Promote the links within Catholic networks

  • Create new links with external networks to better support you in the variety of issues that come our way

  • In times of events the serve group will contact the diocesan executive group to deliver timely support as requested

  • Exploring ways for Catholic mentors to support First Time Catholic Principals

The executive members responsible for service are Janet Cummings (Christchurch) Deb Daines (Christchurch), Annie Nelson (Dunedin) Caroline Gilligan (Palmerston North)


Goal: To uphold and strengthen the role of principal within the Catholic Schooling Network

At our meeting we have identified an issue with the level of support principals across the motu are receiving from their Diocesan offices. We have written to Diocesan Managers to alert them to our concerns and invited them to join us in developing strategies that enhance support for principals and address the increasing concern about filling principal roles. Please see the letter sent here.

The executive members responsible for advocating on your behalf are Sue Jury (Wellington) Anna Wormald (Palmerston North) David Macmillan ( Hamilton) Debra White (Hamilton)

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