Ms. Kramr's 3rd Grade Newsletter

Feb. 16-19

What are we learning this week?

Writing: In Writing we will be finish our final draft of our country’s research. Later in the week we will be brainstorming our next writing topic with a focus on “important” personal narratives.

Math: Reading and answering questions about graphs will conclude this week. We’ll keep revisiting graphs across the rest of the year. We’ll also end the week with a quick check of these skills along with student’s work with 3 digit addition and subtraction problems.

Science:We will be exploring animal adaptations, camouflage, and the importance of structure and function within animal adaptations. We will be engaging in a hands on study of plant structure and functions.

Reading: We will be exploring context clues and summary. Students will learn different strategies to help them find an accurate summary.



Monday February 22 and Monday February 29

Please make sure your child is at school on these dates and do not schedule doctor appointments or vacations on these days. We will be taking a “mock” STAAR test these days. We will use this information to modify our instruction in the months of March and April in preparation for the STAAR test. Also, please do not print STAAR release tests and give them to your child. We will be using those tests and if your child has already taken them or studied them, then it will skew our data and the help that we are able to provide to all students.


Parents: Remember to use the links found on the Patsy Sommer Parent Resources page:

Thanks for all of your supports and efforts creating your child’s Heritage Dolls. They will be displayed in our hallways as we learn and celebrate our various cultures here at Patsy Sommer Elementary School.

Important Dates:

Feb. 15th- Student Holiday

Feb. 19th- 3rd-5th Assembly

Feb. 22nd-Reading STAAR Ready

Feb.29th- Math STAAR Ready

Feb. 26th- PTA Movie Night

March 2nd- Early Release

Class Wish List

24 Silver Mesh Desktop File from the Container Store