Miss Sears' Class News

November 18th - November 22nd


***3 Weeks Progress Reports Go Out This Week***

Performance Reminder NOV. 19th

Make sure you've marked the calendar! The 4th grade students have been working hard with Ms. Pipitone and will be presenting a very special choral program at the PTA Meeting on Tuesday, November 19th. Your child needs to be in the music room at 5:45. The dress is dark pants on bottom and a white solid top. The program is short, so they should be finished around 6:45. Please email Ms. Pipitone if you have any questions. pipitonet@lisd.net


Starting the week after Thanksgiving Break, students will be required to spend 30 minutes-1 hour each week on Istation. Istation is an individualized reading program to help with content vocabulary and comprehension. Click here to download Istation to use at home.

A Peek In Our Classroom:

Weekly Curriculum Update Nov.18-22

  • Math- Multiplying 2 digit x 2 digit numbers and multi-step problem solving.

**Students need to be studying their multiplication facts at home**

  • Writing- Thankful writing paragraph.
  • Reading- Story Elements--characters, setting, and summary.
  • Science- Review Heat and Thermal Energy and begin Forces unit.
  • Social Studies-Begin early explorers of Texas unit.


  • Monday: Heat and Thermal Energy Open Note Quiz (major grade)
  • Wednesday: 8's Multiplication Quiz
  • Thursday: Topic 7 Math Assessment (major grade)
  • Friday: Spelling Test
  • Friday: Story Elements Test (major grade)

Classroom Items Needed:

  • Expo Markers
  • Small zip-loc plastic bags

Thank you!