The Broken Brushy Creek?

The Brushy Creek trail might get destroyed!

The Math Of Brushy Creek's Problem

THE RATIO- Distance between towers to the total distance of project (ft):

1300: 13200

How many of a classroom object (ruler)can fit in the total distance of project(13200ft)

13200 times..... A ruler is 1 foot long

Number of classroom objects (chair) that can fit into the distance of the Brushy Creek Trail (15 miles) :

39600 times a chair can fit into the distance of the Brushy Creek Trail...a chair is 2 feet long

Loss of vegetation-How many plants will have to be cut down:

1,320,000 sq. feet of no vegetation!

The height of 1 tower divided by the height of the average mail.

18.33 average males can fit into the height of the average tower

The Information

Towers are 80-140 feet tall

Towers are 1300 feet apart

100 feet width where no vegetation will grow.

Project will be 2.5 miles long.

Help Save The Brushy Creek Trail- We Need You

About The Trail

Hello, thank you for looking at my flyer.My name is Sanjay Amirthraj. I am a 11 year old kid trying to help stop the demolition of the Brushy Creek Trail. It is a beautiful place and I hope that future generations can also experience this beautiful trail. The facebook is to Brushy Creek facebook page and the website and adress is too. Don't call phone number.
Brushy Creek & Lake Creek Trail Tour

My Alternate Map

My idea was to get the powerlines to the sub-stations but not hitting the trail. This is my proposed route.-

From Leander, head south until the turning on Brushy Creek road. Keep continuing on that road until you hit 1431, past the Tri-Modal Air Park. Head south until 3406 and turn west. Then turn south until the Round Rock point.



Why this route?

I think that my route would be the best route because of many reasons. One of the main reasons is that the Brushy Creek Trail can be saved. Another reason is that the Tri-Modal Air Park is an undeveloped area. If power-lines pass through there, the park will get power and electricity.

The alternate project would be about 15.1 miles long. Using 'My Maps', I figured out ABOUT how long my alternate project would be.

'My Maps'- Round Rock to Leander........

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