Welcome New Stylist!

And Congrats On Your New Venture

Stella & Dot was created by bold, joyful women to help all women style their lives as they see fit. Below you will see your leadership team and get some great tips for launching your new business. I challenge you to really put yourself all in and give this little company your best try. You just might find you are onto something really big!

So now that you are officially in business and an entrepreneur, please know, you are not by yourself. We work together as a team to help make everyone stronger. And together, we are what make this company big. As Jessica Herrin shares, "your new stylist investment would not even be enough for a mannequin in a cute boutique". You are so much smarter as you just invested in a growing, soon to be billion dollar business. While our press is huge, we are still small. Especially compared to the size we will be because of smart stylists just like you and irresistible product.

There are Stella & Dot teams set up all over the world and you have just joined Team Charming! My (much) smaller team is named Aureate, though I still haven't decided if that's a final name :)
You will be added to both FB pages, if you haven't been already.

We are an amazingly welcoming and helpful group of women who all have different "why's" and boost each other with support and ideas. Don't hesitate to post questions on our FB page , someone should help you out pretty quickly! And we will all be raising a glass and toasting your future success!

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What Do I Do Now?

Most important thing is to talk to your sponsor- she is there to help! I would recommend hosting your own launch show first, letting your friends and family know about your new venture. Hosting your own in home show and inviting everyone you know will help you become more comfortable going to other people's home and setting up. Think of it as a practice run! You get the hostess rewards AND the commission. Stella & Dot really tries to help you build you display.

Send an email that sounds something like this:

(Feel free to use this for inspiration but make it your own. You want it to sound like your voice, not mine:) And I would challenge you to make it shorter:-) )



I am so excited to tell you about my new venture with Stella and Dot. <Share a little about why you decided to become a rep> I would be honored to be your "go to" stylist of choice.

You can shop everything online, using my website below, or you can host a show with some of your friends and get our products for free! The average hostess gets about $250 in credit...not bad, right?! Hosting consists of having a girls' night in. No big spreads necessary! I bring all the jewelry and can even send out the invites for you. It's easy and again...free stuff for our hostesses!!

I have to tell you, I am so excited to grow my business with this company. The jewelry is super cute and shared through trunk shows which create the ideal social shopping experience. Our press is huge with editor picks in many magazines including INSTYLE, WWD, O Magazine, Lucky and Vogue. The fashion industry is simply floored by our luxury line and great value. That's the benefit of sharing through trunk shows instead of in a retail department store. You will be happy to find that 50% of the line is under $50 and the other half, we want to share that for free with our very best hostesses. Our designers are recognized as the darlings of the fashion industry and with almost a dozen working together, I get to share with you styles that are perfect for all occasions and we adore sharing great versatility with you. I just know you are going to adore the line as I have.

If you are not familiar with Stella & Dot, please feel free to check out my website www.stelladot.com/---

If you would like a catalog please let me know, I would be happy to drop one in the mail... they are gorgeous!!

I would love your opinion on your favorite pieces!!

Thanks again so much for your support!

Jumpstart Is Your Time To Shine!!

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Share Your Personal Website!

When you signed up, you probably created your own Stella & Dot website- for example, mine is www.stelladot.com/amandashelly. Make sure you share that site with friends and family. Looking to post a particular item on FB or in an email? Don't grab the url at the top of the page, make sure to scroll to the bottom and click that blue button on the bottom right that says "share page." Copy the link from there and that will take the person clicking to the item on your site.

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Starter Tips Beyond The Jewelry

Set up and Displays- You will find some great tips for your accessory display in SDU. Build out your collection as fast as possible and maximize your jumpstart benefits. I would highly suggest investing in Stella & Dot Displays and avoid shopping around for others. I have found that we have the best prices and the best looking displays. If you have to decide between jewelry or display pieces, pick jewelry and use a clean neutral table cloth and our cute boxes and signs to highlight your display. Your best display is her neck.

How many pieces do I need? A successful trunk show can have 7 pieces or 70 pieces. When you have fewer items your excitement and our beautiful look book are your best tools.

Business Cards- Check out the links in Stylist Lounge under Your Business and Marketing. StellaDotPrintShop and Vistaprint have great options. Hot Tip- No need for address field so use that space for other wording such as "Host a Show, Earn Free Accessories!" or "We're Growing! Ask me about the Stylist Opportunity!"

LABEL EVERYTHING with your Personal Website (PWS).

Update your email signatures and social media accounts to show that you are open for business.

Create a "Who Do You Know List" and include everyone. They are all going to fit into your business as a Stylist, Hostess, Client or Referral Partner.

Stella & Dot University- Self teach and master the "Words to Say" while making them your own.

Stylist Guide To Success- Open up this magazine and use it. What a beautiful business plan!

Send out an "I'm OPEN" email to everyone you know

Put A Personal Label On It!

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Your CEO Is Doing Shows, Just Like You!

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Hear Our Story

Hear Our Story | Stella & Dot
Use the RedStamp App on your phone or the www version to create invites and cute announcements. There is a Stella & Dot Collection available or you can create your own.
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