by: Madison Abrigo

Edwin Thomas Booth

Edwin Booth was a famous 19th century actor for performing Shakespearean plays. Edwin Booth had played the role of Hamlet at a play in New York. In 1869 Edwin Booth had founded Booth's Theatre in New York. Once while Edwin was performing in the crowd he saw his greatest admirer Adam Badeau. After the play Adam went back stage and had told Edwin what a great actor he was and how amazing he was with the part that he had played. That day forward was when Edwin realized that his acting skills were going to go above and beyond. On June 1893 Edwin Booth had died from a stroke and was buried next to his first wife Mary Devlin at Mount Auburn cemetery in Cambridge,Massachusetts.

Good Brother and the Bad Brother

Edwin Booth had saved Abraham Lincoln's son Robert in the late 1864 to early 1865 from a moving train platform in Jersey City of New Jersey.Later that year Edwin Booth's brother John Wilkes Booth had assassinated president Abraham Lincoln.