Lakes Region Snow Removal

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About us:

I am a high school student who is trying to save money for college. My goal is to provide you with professional level care at a low price. I specialize in plowing, shoveling and salting of driveways and walkways.


I provide plowing services, during or immediately following a storm, due to weather conditions this may occur within the hours of 10:00 PM through 2:00 AM.

When I plow I will also clean up walk ways and push back snow banks. If requested, I can salt driveways as well (contact me for more info on this service and a quote).


At Lakes Region Snow Removal we charge by the storm, contact us at 603-630-7376 with your name and street address, we will come by to evaluate your drive way and give you a quote on pricing per storm. (Requesting your drive way to be salted will be an extra fee).