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September 10, 2021

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Determined Cycling Tour coming to Keene TX

The Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is hosting the fifth annual Determined Ride (formerly called Tour de Youth), a 14-day cycling tour from McAllen, Texas to Richardson, Texas for the benefit of students throughout Texas. This cycling tour will be a physical challenge as well as an endeavor in humanitarian efforts. The determined biking riders will be arriving at noon at CTA on Sept. 23, 2021. KAES middle school students will go over to CTA to celebrate with the riders as they arrive. If you would like to support these Texas Conference bikers please visit http://texasadventist.org and show your support.
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Operation hand washing

There is no better time to focus on the basics of handwashing than right now. On Sept. 23 that is exactly what we will do and in the most fun way possible. KAES is partnering with Prospera Panama to prevent sickness. Prospera Panama is a not for profit organization that collects soap and repurposes it for families in rural Panama. Our elementary students will write on banners, play in bubbles, meet Prosperas soap mascot and learn important handwashing skills. Students will get wet on this day and will most likely still be wet at pick up. Look for more details in next week's newsletter.

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Grandparents day September 17

Grandparents Day is now just days away. KAES invites all grandparents to visit grandchildren at our school or online. We will have a short program featuring each grade starting at 10:00pm. This event will be live-streamed on our Facebook page if your grandparents are to far away. Grandparents are welcome to visit the classrooms before lunch and connect with grandchildren. We will also have plenty of photo opportunities. There might even be time to share with the class some of their experiences when they were in school. Grandparents are invited to stay and have a special meal with grandchildren. The dinning room will be open and eight picnic tables will also be available outside between our classroom buildings. Meals can be purchased from the office and they can be charged to your bill. Meal prices are $5 for students and adult prices are $8 if purchased by Sept. 15 and $10 after Sept. 15. Please buy meals ahead of time so the cafeteria can better plan for how much food to make.

Check out the Leaderboard for our Kindness Fundraiser

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Take your class to the top! Sign Up Today!

We have...liftoff! Operation Raise Craze is underway. We had an awesome assembly that informed us about how to register, how to log AOKs (Acts of Kindness), how to start raising money and how to earn prizes! The students even met our kindness bear who showed kindness to our lonely KAES Eagle, reminding all of us how there is no small act of kindness. Please support our KAES kids in this kindness fundraiser. Our link is below and we're posting the intro videos as well in case you need more guidance on how to get started. You can help us document our fundraiser with #KAESkindness.

A Fundraiser We Can Be Proud Of!

Raise Craze is an online platform enabling students to set up secure, custom websites where they request donations via email. During the fundraiser, students pay it forward by completing Acts of Kindness for others.

Here’s How It Works

REGISTER We’ll provide a link for you to register and create your child’s website.

ACTS OF KINDNESS Students select at least 3 ways to pay it forward.

ENTER EMAILS Students enter email addresses of friends and family.
Raise Craze will take it from there sending all emails, reminders, and thank you’s.

Students can spend time serving instead of selling! Have fun spreading kindness!

What is Raise Craze?
Raise Craze Instructional

Friday T-Shirts

If you still need a Friday shirt, please let the office know what size you need so that we can get one for your child. Parent shirts and extra shirts will be available for $12.
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Changes, Slow and Steady

This week we watched as our new electric pole was put in and the old pole, in the center of what will be our new exit, was removed. It is a slow process but things are still moving forward. When the new exit is poured, connecting our gymnasium parking lot to the classroom building parking lots, it will provide two exit lanes; One for turning right and one for turning left and going straight. This exit will also be lined up with Pine St.
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Shoe Drive: August 9 - October 8, 2021

We are still in the hunt for used shoes. We're collecting gently worn, used and new shoes to raise money for playground equipment for the Middle School. Not only do you help us, but the shoes also get a second life with those in need. It's a double donation!

Lunch Menu: September 13 - 17

Lunch order is to be placed with the homeroom teacher each day. $4.25 small $5.00 large

Monday - Rotini, tomato sauce, garlic bread, salad, string cheese, and juice

Tuesday - Tofu, tortillas, broccoli and cauliflower, white rice, and juice

Wednesday - Potato cheese fried taquitos, pasta salad (cold), refried beans and juice

Thursday - Hot dogs, fried potato wedges, carrots and juice

Grandparents Day - Taco salad (haystack), pinto beans, lettuce, cheese, tomato, black olives, guacamole, sour cream, horchata or sandia and desert

Important Dates To Remember


Sep. 17 - Grandparents Day

Sept. 23 - Hand Washing Event (Elem. Classrooms)

Sept. 23 - Determined Cycling Tour 2022 @ CTA (5th - 8th grades)


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