The Taiga Biome

A virtual journey through the taiga

Taiga presentation was made by:

This Taiga presentation was made by Nam N. and Scott N. 1°

Location of the Taiga

The taiga is located between Scandinavia to the Pacific coast of Russia. The taiga is between 50 degrees latitude north and the Arctic circle. A main city in the Taiga is Ottawa, Canada. It's location is 37 25.818' N 122 05.36' W

Animals of the Taiga

Plants of the Taiga

Human Involvement

Human interaction in the Taiga Biome is made up of deforestation, hunting, and gathering. With this animals could die and higher percentage chances of a forest fire. While here you can see so much wildlife and the Silent People, these are decorations of big scarecrows in a huge field seems to be very interesting. When the wind blows their straw hair and clothes begin to flap, it is as if they had suddenly have become alive. Activities to do here are The Kuhmo Arts center which seems to be very interesting with excellent art and a great view onto a lake called Lammasjärvi lake. Another activity is Martinselkonen Wilds Centre where you can see wildlife, ice fish, snow shoe walking or skiing. In the winter you should bring heavy jackets because you definitely want to be warm. In the Summer you might want a sweatshirt or even shorts and a t-shirt, the weather is nomaly in the 50,60 or possibly 70° degrees.

5 Cool Facts

1. The taiga covers 11% of the earth.

2. The Cree Indians have lived in the North American Taiga forest for centuries.

3. The trunks of the conifer trees (another term used for balsam fir) are used to make paper.

4. The soil is very rich and thin in the Taiga.

5. The taiga's temperatures are usually below freezing for about half of the year.

Taiga video