how he conquers it all

Alexander, who we know best as "the great" didn't wake up in a empire, it was. It started with his father wanting to conquer persia. He wasn't able to fulfill it so his son stepped in. Alexander began his quest of conquering 336 B.C. after the assassination of his father. He started off with taking control of countries in his radius and then moved to persia.

Conquer of Persia

Before directly taking Persia he encountered other countries and continents such as Asia, the Levant and Syria, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, and the Persia.

We interviewed a soldier that came with him on his conquest named Callias.

"It was so amazing," he said "being able to be alive and witness such a great empire be built" I asked him how the wars were against different countries he responded;

"every countries was different, they all had different tactics, weapons and means of getting the job done. No country was the same... That's what made it interesting."

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fall of an historical empire

Alexander died unexpectedly and his empire was divided into three empires, each led by a general in his old army. These were called the Hellenistic kingdoms that were very successful as well, lasting longer than Alexander's empire's when he was alive. From the hellenistic age came philosophy and discovery of different math problems and equations.