The West

by: Mallory Thibodeau

1. Geography

Location: The western states of the u.s

States: California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Major land features: The Rockies, Siera Nevada mts. Death valley, Cascade mts.

Climate: The climate for the west is warm in the summer and springs. In the winters the north gets snow and temperature drop.

2. History

First settlers: Europeans.

Where they were from: They were from Norse, Greenland, and Canada.

When the western states became established: California-1859, Oregon-1859, Washingotn-1889, Idaho-1890, Montana-1889, Nevada-1864, Utah-1896, Wyoming-1890, Arizona- 1912, Colorado- 1876, New Mexico- 1912, Alaska- 1959, Hawaii- 1959

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3. Economics

Natural resoruces: Fish, fruit, gold, grapes, hay, natural gas, nursery products, oil, potatoes, poultry.

Major Buisnesses: Healthnet, Jacobs Engineering Group, Local heads HQ, CPA lead, Better Buisness Bereau, and Disneyland.

Imports and Exports: Phones for cellular networks, electronics, oil bitrum minerals, new pnuematic tires of rubber, footwear or outerwear.

Employment vs. Unemployment rates: In 1989 through 1991rates remained the same. 1992 through 1995 rates skyrocketed as job oppurtunities opened up. By 2007 a massive increase in unemployment happened in California.

Transportation: LAX airport of California. Highways, boats, and trains.

Tourism: San Fransico, Los Angeles, Los angeles professional basketball Lakers, San Diego, Yosemite, Yosemite National park, Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City,

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4. Population

Population size of the West: California- 38.04 million, Oregon- 3.899 million, Washington- 6.897 million, Idaho- 1.596 million, Arizona- 6.553 million, Nevada- 2.759 million, New Mexico- 2.086 million, Utah- 2.855 million, Colorado- 5.188, Wyoming- 576,412, Alaska- 731,449 , Hawaii- 1.392 million, Montana- 1.005 million.

Miagration and Immagration: California has more immigrants than any other state. Immigration has slowed down throughout the years of the west.

Background: Every 4th person is a different race for California.


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