By: Colton


Hawaii is a exetremly bueatiful place it has very many citys and hotels and amazing wildlife and beaches


hawaii is located in the pacific ocean it was U.S.A 50's state. it is a bunch of islands combined to make a single state.


hawaiian wildlife includes owls,red cardninials,noio,kalij pheasent,lizardfish,tangs,turtles,butterflyfish.

Why you want to live here

hawaii is a tropical city with bueatiful citys and beaches and it is one of the most famous islands in the whole world and it is a huge touruist attraction as well as a popular place for just relaxing.


and if you really want there are lots of valcanoes to visit if you want to fly over in a helicopter and the smell is like something you can never if emagine and a lot of places to hang out by the beach.


palm trees,allspice,banana passion fruit,cinimon,coffee,guava,gauva plumb,lilikoi,macadamea nuts,mango,autograph tree,ciniball,golden shower tree,ixoras,moutain apple,canori,candlenut,kuki nut,pineapple,koa,